Sub-microgram surface analysis

The SpotView system includes a compact FTIR unit, a mid-IR fiber-optic cable, and the patented SpotView head.

The SpotView head features an onboard MCT detector with a Stirling cycle cooler, all prealigned and housed in a rugged plastic casing. With a flexible 3 m fiber-optic cable, the system is easy to use anywhere and the spot size (1.25 by 11.5 cm) means that uneven contamination is not a problem for SpotView. When smaller or less accessible areas need to be analyzed, the slim SpotView-SLcan be interchanged with the grazing-angle SpotView.

SpotView is a sensitive surface analysis system that uses FTIR spectroscopy at an oblique "grazing" angle to detect organic compounds on surfaces. Quantities as low as 0.1 μg/cm2 on metal, glass, and some polymer surfaces. Objects such as computer hard drives and pharmaceutical reactor surfaces can be analyzed using a hand-held sampling head. Specific materials, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) can be identified and measured, even in the presence of other residues such as cleaning agents and excipients

SpotView provides a direct method for analyzing critical surfaces in real time, using portable equipment with a compact, hand-held head and operator software that is compliant with CFR 21 Part 11. This could translate into enormous savings of down-time across the whole range pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The SpotView operator can follow simple, predefined set of steps to analyze surfaces for cleaing validation.